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Munich, June 20, 2017

business@school Finals
The SkaBe team captured first place at the German Finals. With their fully functional prototype, an impressive brand concept, and strong margins, students from the Luise-Henriette-Gymnasium in Berlin convinced the judges that their skateboard mount for bicycles is a winner.

Munich, June 20, 2016

Landesgymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd Says No to Cavities
"I was certain that I brush my teeth thoroughly and correctly, but at my last dentist's appointment, the doctor found a cavity". This is the scenario with which the team from the Landesgymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd introduced its business idea SOFRA, a series of dental care products that reveal plaque—and won the German business@school finals in Munich.

Vienna, May 24, 2016

No chance for pickpockets—introducing the secure rucksack
"There were 20,000 thefts in Vienna last year," said team spokesperson Anna Holub from the Theresianum school in Vienna as she introduced their business idea. "Rucksafe is the only backpack in the world with the zipper on the inside, protecting its contents from thieves." The students earned first place with their idea at the International Finals of business@school.


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