You have already been independent for some time now. What you learned at business@school helped you with your entry into studies, training, or working life. Now you want to give back and share the experiences you made with the educational initiative and in your career with the next generation.

business@school opened up a whole new world to you as a student. You can still vividly remember what was the hardest for you at the start and what the panel of judges paid the most attention to during the presentations. And how you solved tricky issues with your own business idea. You would like to share your knowledge—or simply get back in touch with a few of your former teammates.

How can I remain a part of the business@school family?

You have multiple options: One option is to support a student team throughout the school year as an alumni coach, sharing practical tips with the current participants based on your own experience. Please fill out the contact form in the right-hand column if you would like to register as an alumni coach.

Another option is to keep in touch and expand your network as a member of our alumni network. You can read interesting stories by and about our alumni on our XING page, for instance. And our special alumni events, the "Meet & Discuss" events, will give you a chance to find old friends again and make new ones. If you would like to receive invitations, please fill out the contact form in the right-hand column.

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Each year, around 1,500 senior high school students at 90 schools in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States participate in business@school. They are supported by their teachers as well as some 500 volunteers from the more than 20 partner companies and BCG.