20 Years: an idea changes school

Munich, February 8, 2018

Webcam to the dancefloor - 2001 business@school winners
The 2001 business@school winners came from the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Cologne. "Clubwatch" wanted to use live Webcam technology to show partygoers what's happening at Cologne's hotspots. Dieter Heuskel, inventor of business@school, praised the innovative idea: "A concept using new technology to solve an old problem."

San Francisco, February 1, 2018

What are our alumni doing?
To date, more than 23,500 students have taken part in business@school. Many of them stay in touch, although they live all around the world. Josefin Graebe is one of them. She participated in business@school 2009/10–and she says, the experience shaped her life. She now works at Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

Munich, January 24, 2018

business@school in the year 2000
The first winner team of the new century came from Dreieichschule in Langen. Its business idea: source-it.de, an Internet outsourcing service that uses its own employees—students and young people only—to perform simple tasks, such as take inventory, pack goods, affix stamps and labels, or reorganize/clean out storerooms.

Munich, January 10, 2018

The beginnings of business@school
We are celebrating 20 years of business@school and here are our first winners! It's the year 1999. Just a handful of teams is participating in business@school. The winner team: "Service 4U" from Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium in Hockenheim. The idea: offering flexible, affordable services for routine home and garden tasks.

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